Chris Cullen (Roxbury Prep, BetterLesson, Parthenon)

Chris Cullen's bio is filled with impressviv things.  Like thsi...and this...and this. on the rigiditly of no-excuses charters, teaching evolution to evangelical students, and his past two years of summer camp (getting an MBA)  What's the definition for consecutive push ups? If we'rking with a cadence, then my guess is 175. If no cadence and rests without leaving plank position, 350.

Show notes:

3:00 -- OVerview of Bio

4:50 -- On rigidity of charter school discipline systems

12:00 -- What's it like to Teach evolution to an evangelical christian

31:01 -- Is "militant" the right word to describe no excuses charter's approach to discipline

46 -- On something really interesting

47 -- Talking about something even more interesting

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Mike Kalin: Nobles, Berkshire, HGSE, Harvard

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1:01: Cool Content

1:01: Cool Content

1:01: Cool Content

1:01: Cool Content

1:01: Cool Content

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Posted on August 8, 2015 .